Forager Wiki

All items stack infinitely and occupy one slot in the player's inventory or vault. Items can be sold or bought at a Market for coins.

Some items do not go in the player's inventory, such as equipment or tools; instead, they are located in a special menu and cannot be heavily interacted with. Some of these items, after the player crafts the next tier of the item, will be replaced with their improved tier, but still retain the stats of their previous tier(s).


ID Item Stamina Vessel.png Heart Container.png Description Sell Type
0 Wood.png Wood Nothing like good old wood. Great for building! 1 Items
1 Stone.png Stone It's a little boring, but it's great for building!
2 Iron Ore.png Iron Ore Base metal used for crafting. The foundation of any factory.
3 Gold Ore.png Gold Ore Heavy and valuable ore. Used for a lot of crafting. 2
4 Coal.png Coal Smells like fire. Used for fire.
6 Flower.png Flower Not only is it pretty, but its surprisingly versatile. 1
7 Fiber.png Fiber Very useful for crafting accessories
8 Poop.png Poop It smells terribly. 2
9 Bone.png Bone Formally an important part of a skeleton's structural integrity. 4
10 Jelly.png Jelly A jiggly substance that can be used for crafting. 2
11 Bottled Torchbug.png Bottled Torchbug Not a fantastic source of light, but druids really like them. 16
12 Bottled Beetle.png Bottled Beetle These critters can be found crawling on sand 17
13 Nightshade.png Nightshade Dark flower that grows only in graveyards. 4
14 Bottled Butterfly.png Bottled Butterfly This beautiful critter can be found in cold areas. 20
15 Lavender.png Lavender Not only useful for crafting, it smells lovely too! 5
16 Crystal.png Crystal Shiny, colorful, and rock solid -- makes great equipment!
17 Bottled Deathmoth.png Bottled Deathmoth This rare critter can be found in hot areas. 23
18 Cinderbloom.png Cinderbloom Constantly on fire, it emits a soft calming glow. 8
19 Demon Horn.png Demon Horn It once belonged to a powerful demon. Useful for crafting gear. 9
20 Thread.png Thread A critical component for any aspiring fashion designer. 2
21 Hide.png Hide It might smell a bit off, but it's very useful for crafting.
22 Sand.png Sand It's coarse and rough and it gets everywhere. 1
23 Brick.png Brick More solid than plain stone, this can create some fine structures. 4
24 Iron Ingot.png Iron Ingot A versatile material used for crafting.
25 Gold Ingot.png Gold Ingot It's heavy and shiny. Useful for minting coins. 6
26 Paper.png Paper A blank piece of paper that can be used to craft scrolls and books. 8
27 Leather.png Leather Protects you as much as it makes you look cool. Only slightly.
28 Steel.png Steel A metal alloy impervious to breakage or blemish. 24
30 Glass.png Glass Shatters into a million tiny shards. Make sure to keep it safe. 6
31 Ruby.png Ruby Its hue has been likened to passion itself. 50
32 Emerald.png Emerald
33 Topaz.png Topaz
34 Amethyst.png Amethyst
35 Bottled Oil.png Bottled Oil
36 Wheat.png Wheat
37 Flour.png Flour
38 Plastic.png Plastic
39 Royal Steel.png Royal Steel
40 Royal Clothing.png Royal Clothing
41 Fiberglass.png Fiberglass
42 Electronics.png Electronics
43 Transmutation.png Transmutation
44 Green Pigment.png Green Pigment
45 Purple Pigment.png Purple Pigment
46 Fossil.png Fossil
47 Sphynx.png Sphynx
48 Kapala.png Kapala
49 Frozen Relic.png Frozen Relic
50 Anchor.png Anchor
51 Sunken Ankh.png Sunken Ankh
52 Golden Egg.png Golden Egg
53 Bottled Water.png Bottled Water
54 Berry.png Berry 5 0 They aren't very filling, but they work as a quick snack. 1
55 Citrus.png Citrus It's big a juicy, a perfect snack!
56 Beet.png Beet 10 0 It doesn't seem to constantly profuse its love for you. 2
57 Sugar.png Sugar 30 1 Deliciously sweet, essential to crafting the best cookie. 6
58 Cheese.png Cheese
59 Mayo.png Mayo 30 1 This goes great with bread, ham, and cheese. 6
60 Egg.png Egg 10 0 Tasty and nutritious! 2
61 Bottled Milk.png Bottled Milk 30 1 Drinking this will make your bones grow nice and strong! 15
62 Meat.png Meat 10 0 A decent snack by itself but cook it to make it tastier! 2
63 Bottled Fairy.png Bottled Fairy
64 Cactus Fruit.png Cactus Fruit 10 0 2
65 Hot Pepper.png Hot Pepper 15 0
66 Pumpkin.png Pumpkin 20 0
67 Fish.png Fish 10 0
68 Seaweed.png Seaweed 5 0
69 Bread.png Bread
70 Pizza.png Pizza 110 3
71 Cookies.png Cookies 65 2
72 Sushi.png Sushi
73 Soup.png Soup
74 Sandwich.png Sandwich
75 Fruit Salad.png Fruit Salad
76 Ice Cream.png Ice Cream
77 Meat Skewer.png Meat Skewer 50 2
78 Dino Egg.png Dino Egg 250 5
79 Skeleton Fish.png Skeleton Fish 250 5 200
80 Frozen Squid.png Frozen Squid
81 Lava Eel.png Lava Eel
82 Cooked Fish.png Cooked Fish 20 1 4
83 Cooked Meat.png Cooked Meat
84 Arrow.png Arrow
85 Bomb.png Bomb
86 EMP Grenade.png EMP Grenade
87 Animal Feed.png Animal Feed
88 Healing Potion.png Healing Potion
89 Thunderstrike.png Thunderstrike
90 Ana's Delight.png Ana's Delight
91 Liquid Luck.png Liquid Luck
92 Wisdom Draught.png Wisdom Draught
93 Mandragora.png Mandragora
94 Bloodfury Cocktail.png Bloodfury Cocktail
95 Dragon Philtre.png Dragon Philtre
96 Greedy Mixture.png Greedy Mixture
97 Sage Scroll.png Sage Scroll
98 Builder Scroll.png Builder Scroll
99 Druid Scroll.png Druid Scroll
100 Wizard Scroll.png Wizard Scroll
101 Miner Scroll.png Miner Scroll
102 Demon Scroll.png Demon Scroll
103 Tree Sapling.png Tree Sapling
104 Cotton Seeds.png Cotton Seeds
105 Beet Seeds.png Beet Seeds
106 Wheat Seeds.png Wheat Seeds
107 Pepper Seeds.png Pepper Seeds
108 Pumpkin Seeds.png Pumpkin Seeds
109 Bottled Rainbow.png Bottled Rainbow
110 Key.png Key
111 Coin.png Coin
112 Bottle.png Bottle
113 Droid.png Droid
114 Basic Pickaxe.png Basic Pickaxe Pickaxes
115 Slimy Pickaxe.png Slimy Pickaxe
116 Bone Pickaxe.png Bone Pickaxe
117 Fiery Pickaxe.png Fiery Pickaxe
118 Crystal Pickaxe.png Crystal Pickaxe
119 Demon Pickaxe.png Demon Pickaxe
120 Shovel.png Shovel
121 Bone Sword.png Bone Sword Swords
122 Golden Sword.png Golden Sword
123 Druid Sword.png Druid Sword
124 Crystal Sword.png Crystal Sword
125 Demon Sword.png Demon Sword
126 Short Bow.png Short Bow Bows
127 Skull Bow.png Skull Bow
128 Crystal Bow.png Crystal Bow
129 Demon Bow.png Demon Bow
130 Basic Amulet.png Basic Amulet Amulet
131 Slime Amulet.png Slime Amulet
132 Bone Amulet.png Bone Amulet
133 Crystal Amulet.png Crystal Amulet
134 Demon Amulet.png Demon Amulet
135 Basic Boots.png Basic Boots Boots
136 Metal Boots.png Metal Boots
137 Master Boots.png Master Boots
138 Robotic Boots.png Robotic Boots
139 Basic Gloves.png Basic Gloves Gloves
140 Metal Gloves.png Metal Gloves
141 Master Gloves.png Master Gloves
142 Robotic Gloves.png Robotic Gloves
143 Moldy Book.png Moldy Book XP gained increased by 15%! Books
144 Slimy Tome.png Slimy Tome XP gained increased by 30%!
145 File:Necronomicom.png Necronomicom
146 Glacial Scriptures.png Glacial Scriptures
147 Hellfire Glyphs.png Hellfire Glyphs
148 Basic Backpack.png Basic Backpack Backpacks
149 Small Backpack.png Small Backpack
150 Medium Backpack.png Medium Backpack
151 Big Backpack.png Big Backpack
152 Huge Backpack.png Huge Backpack
153 Tycoon Backpack.png Tycoon Backpack
154 Basic Wallet.png Basic Wallet Wallets
155 Small Wallet.png Small Wallet
156 Medium Wallet.png Medium Wallet
157 Big Wallet.png Big Wallet
158 Huge Wallet.png Huge Wallet
159 Tycoon Wallet.png Tycoon Wallet
160 Ancient Seal.png Ancient Seal Seals
161 Skull Seal.png Skull Seal
162 Frozen Seal.png Frozen Seal
163 Fire Seal.png Fire Seal
164 Ancient Galaxy Seal.png Ancient Galaxy Seal
165 Skull Galaxy Seal.png Skull Galaxy Seal
166 Frozen Galaxy Seal.png Frozen Galaxy Seal
167 Fire Galaxy Seal.png Fire Galaxy Seal
168 Museum Seal.png Museum Seal
169 Nerdy Glasses.png Nerdy Glasses Artifacts
170 Top Hat.png Top Hat
171 Pink Bow.png Pink Bow
172 Lantern.png Lantern
173 Skull Key.png Skull Key
174 Skeleton Mask.png Skeleton Mask
175 Fairy Aura.png Fairy Aura
176 Quiver.png Quiver
177 Vampyr Wings.png Vampyr Wings
178 Shield.png Shield
179 Magic Scepter.png Magic Scepter
180 Holy Relic.png Holy Relic
181 Thunder Rod.png Thunder Rod Tools
182 Ice Rod.png Ice Rod
183 Fire Rod.png Fire Rod
184 Stamina Vessel.png Stamina Vessel
185 Heart Container.png Heart Container
186 Landfill.png Landfill
187 Water Shovel.png Water Shovel Shovels
188 Nomad's Shovel.png Nomad's Shovel
189 Royal Shovel.png Royal Shovel
190 Robotic Shovel.png Robotic Shovel
191 Great Skull.png Great Skull
192 Spirit Orb.png Spirit Orb
193 Necro Rod.png Necro Rod Tools
194 Obliterator.png Obliterator
195 Meteor Rod.png Meteor Rod
196 Storm Rod.png Storm Rod
197 Blizzard Rod.png Blizzard Rod
198 Death Rod.png Death Rod
199 Fence.png Fence Items
200 Gate.png Gate
201 Bed.png Bed
202 Torch.png Torch
203 Bench.png Bench
204 Throne.png Throne
205 Fairy Statue.png Fairy Statue
206 Beet Statue.png Beet Statue
207 Display Case.png Display Case
208 Flower Pot.png Flower Pot
209 Road.png Road
210 Obsidian.png Obsidian
211 Star Fragment.png Star Fragment
212 Voidstone.png Voidstone
213 Legendary Gem.png Legendary Gem
214 Void Steel.png Void Steel
215 Cosmic Steel.png Cosmic Steel
216 Void Rose.png Void Rose
217 Kraken's Eye.png Kraken's Eye
218 Animal Lure.png Animal Lure
219 Void Portal.png Void Portal
220 Blue Dye.png Blue Dye
221 Teal Dye.png Teal Dye
222 Lime Dye.png Lime Dye
223 Green Dye.png Green Dye
224 Yellow Dye.png Yellow Dye
225 Orange Dye.png Orange Dye
226 Red Dye.png Red Dye
227 Pink Dye.png Pink Dye
228 Purple Dye.png Purple Dye
229 Gray Dye.png Gray Dye
230 Black Dye.png Black Dye
231 Dye Remover.png Dye Remover
232 Repair Kit.png Repair Kit
233 Berry Seeds.png Berry Seeds
234 Spike Trap.png Spike Trap
235 Railroad.png Railroad
236 Locomotive.png Locomotive
237 Slime Sigil.png Slime Sigil
238 Skull Sigil.png Skull Sigil
239 Flame Sigil
240 Beet Sigil.png Beet Sigil
241 Star Sigil
242 Destroyer Sigil
243 Training Dummy.png Training Dummy
244 Signpost.png Signpost
245 Star Scroll.png Star Scroll
246 Stone Floor.png Stone Floor
247 Stone Gate.png Stone Gate
248 Stone Wall.png Stone Wall
249 Iron Floor.png Iron Floor
250 Iron Gate.png Iron Gate
251 Iron Wall.png Iron Wall
252 Slime Floor.png Slime Floor
253 Slime Gate.png Slime Gate
254 Slime Wall.png Slime Wall
255 Brick Floor.png Brick Floor
256 Brick Gate.png Brick Gate
257 Brick Wall.png Brick Wall
258 Glass Floor.png Glass Floor
259 Glass Gate.png Glass Gate
260 Glass Wall.png Glass Wall
261 Steel Floor.png Steel Floor
262 Steel Gate.png Steel Gate
263 Steel Wall.png Steel Wall
264 Royal Floor.png Royal Floor
265 Royal Gate.png Royal Gate
266 Royal Wall.png Royal Wall
267 Plastic Floor.png Plastic Floor
268 Plastic Gate.png Plastic Gate
269 Plastic Wall.png Plastic Wall
270 Electronic Floor.png Electronic Floor
271 Electronic Gate.png Electronic Gate
272 Electronic Wall.png Electronic Wall
273 Void Floor.png Void Floor
274 Void Gate.png Void Gate
275 Void Wall.png Void Wall
276 Cosmic Floor.png Cosmic Floor
277 Cosmic Gate.png Cosmic Gate
278 Cosmic Wall.png Cosmic Wall
279 Hammer.png Hammer Tools
280 Fishing Rod.png Fishing Rod
281 Void Pickaxe.png Void Pickaxe Pickaxes
282 Cosmic Pickaxe.png Cosmic Pickaxe
283 Void Sword.png Void Sword Swords
284 Cosmic Sword.png Cosmic Sword
285 Demon Bow.png Demon Bow Bows
286 Void Bow.png Void Bow
287 Cosmic Bow.png Cosmic Bow
288 Void Wallet.png Void Wallet Wallets
289 Cosmic Wallet.png Cosmic Wallet
290 Demon Gloves.png Demon Gloves Gloves
291 Void Gloves.png Void Gloves
292 Cosmic Gloves.png Cosmic Gloves
293 Demon Boots.png Demon Boots Boots
294 Void Boots.png Void Boots
295 Cosmic Boots.png Cosmic Boots
296 Void Guide.png Void Guide Books
297 Magnum Opus.png Magnum Opus
298 Void Amulet.png Void Amulet Amulets
299 Cosmic Amulet.png Cosmic Amulet
300 Fish Net.png Fish Net Artifacts
301 Merchant's Medallion.png Merchant's Medallion
302 Lunar Medallion.png Lunar Medallion
303 Nuclear Pickaxe.png Nuclear Pickaxe Pickaxes
304 Nuclear Sword.png Nuclear Sword Swords
305 Nuclear Bow.png Nuclear Bow Bows
306 Nuclear Wallet.png Nuclear Wallet Wallets
307 Nuclear Gloves.png Nuclear Gloves Gloves
308 Nuclear Boots.png Nuclear Boots Boots
309 File:Nuclear Guide.png Nuclear Guide Books
310 Nuclear Amulet.png Nuclear Amulet Amulets
311 Uranium.png Uranium Items
312 Toxic Sludge.png Toxic Sludge
313 Onyx Relic.png Onyx Relic
314 Nuclear Fuel Cell.png Nuclear Fuel Cell
315 Nuclear Machinery.png Nuclear Machinery
316 Atomic Bomb.png Atomic Bomb
317 Toxic Sigil.png Toxic Sigil