Forager Wiki

All items stack infinitely and occupy one slot in the player's inventory or vault. Items can be sold or bought at a Market for coins.

Some items do not go in the player's inventory, such as equipment or tools; instead, they are located in a special menu and can't be messed with at all.


Materials are items which can only be used to craft other things. Some materials can be found in the wild, some are dropped by monsters or animals, some can be crafted, and some can be gained as rewards for completing quests and opening chests.


Food can be consumed to regain energy. Cooked Food will recover missing health as well. In order to cook food, certain skills are required, such as Agriculture and Hunting.


Potions are consumable items with a variety of beneficial effects that may last up to a few minutes once drank. Potions can be crafted at a Cauldron and require the skills Novice Potions and Expert Potions.


Scrolls are consumable items with amazing magical powers. They can be crafted at an Inscription Table and require the skills Novice Scrolls and Expert Scrolls to be unlocked.


Tools are pieces of equipment that can be used for fighting, crafting, digging, and puzzle solving. Some tools, like Pickaxes, Swords, and Bows, can be upgraded in order to become more effective.


Accessories provide the player with passive effects such as increased inventory space and faster run speed. All accessories can be upgraded many times throughout the player's journey. Boots and Gloves are unlocked by the Textiles skill, while Amulets are unlocked by the Jewelry skill.


These are items used in farming, such as seeds.


Decorations are items which mostly serve cosmetic purposes.


Artifacts are equipment pieces awarded by opening Locked Chests. They provide the player with a beneficial permanent bonus.


Archaeology items are rare items either dug up from Digging Spots or by Fishing.


Seals are proof that the player has completed a challenge in the game. They appear in the Equipment screen but have no effect in-game.