Forager Wiki

Grass Biome[]

Quest Requirements Reward
Fairy Queen.png Fairy Queen
Coin small.png 1000 (10K on hard)
Druid.png Druid's Quest 1 Bottled Torchbug.png Bottled Torchbug Druid Scroll.png Druid Scroll
Druid.png Druid's Quest 2 Tree Sapling.png Tree Sapling Big Chest
Druid.png Druid's Quest 3 Dino Egg.png Dino Egg 2 Small Chests

Desert Biome[]

Quest Requirements Reward
Princess.png Princess 1 Flower.png Flower Ana's Delight.png Ana's Delight
Princess.png Princess 2 Royal Clothing.png Royal Clothing Big Chest with Pink Bow.png Pink Bow
File:Old Man.png Old Man Golden Egg.png Golden Egg Big Chest

Graveyard Biome[]

Quest Requirements Reward
Goblin.png Goblin Bone.png Bone
HopFrog.png HopFrog's Quiz Play his trivia game Big Chest

Winter Biome[]

Quest Requirements Reward
File:Foxmage.png Foxmage's Urgent Request Poop.png Poop Big Chest & Brick.png Brick
Wizrob.png Wizrob Battle Give it Bone.png Bone to initiate a fight against 4 Ice Wizards Big Chest
Ghost.png Ghost 1 Demon Horn.png Demon Horn Small Chest
Ghost.png Ghost 2 Kapala.png Kapala Big Chest
  • Are you a soldier? Challenge me and my brothers to a figh[sic] If you win, I will give you a rare treasure
  • Bring me 10 bones when you are ready
  • So it begins...
  • Prepare to be destroyed!

Fire Biome[]

Quest Requirements Reward
Wizard.png Wizard's Staff 1 Cinderbloom.png Cinderbloom
Wizard.png Wizard's Staff 2 Star Fragment.png Star Fragment (2) (2)
Wizard.png Wizard's Staff 3 Void Steel.png Void Steel
Engineer.png Engineer's Factory Royal Steel.png Royal Steel Big Chest