For skills in the alpha build, see Skills/Alpha Build.

Skills are special perks/abilities the player can unlock when leveling up. These skills grant you special interactions with objects, the posibility of finding new things by random generation, unlocking various craft stations and recipes, or simply improving stats, effects or efficience of your tools and craft stations.


Abilities Edit

These are the skills (and their effects) you can unlock in game:

  • ECONOMY TREE (generating money)

Economy - You gain 40 coins instantly

Coinage - Every time you make a coin in the Forge, you get 4 extra coins

Banking - Allows you to create banks

Storage - Unlocks Vaults

Optics - Unlocks lighthouses and improves the light you generate at night by double

Tresaury - Banks now produce extra coins if next to other banks

Bargain - Reduces anything you have to pay with coins by 15%

Artistry - Any items you have crafted cost 25% coins when selling

Commerce - Any items you throw away will be sold instead

Supply - Markets sell more items

Trade - Unlocks Markets

Architecture - Grants double HP and half the cost on materials to structures

Gambling - Unlocks slot machines

Logistics - Doubles the effect area of automatized structures

Colonization - Claiming lands is 30% cheaper

Capitalism - You get XP by selling items

  • MAGIC TREE ( using witchcraft items and powers)

Magic - Makes fairies spawn on the world

Brilliance - Earn 20% more XP (by any method)

Combat - Unlocks Swords (starting by the Basic Sword) and increases chance to avoid attacks by 15%

Frostrike - Unlocks Spirit Crystals and gives chances to freeze attacked enemies by half

Inscription - Unlocks Inscription tables

Novice scrolls - Allows to create basic scrolls

Expert scrolls - Allows to create advanced scrolls

Alchemy - Unlocks cauldrons

Novice potions - Allows to create basic potions

Expert potions - allows to create advanced potions

Reagency - Cauldrons and Inscription tables work 50% faster

Spellbind - Buffs last 50% longer, and you also now get XP from consuming potions or using scrolls

Faith - Unlocks Shrines

Renewal - Recovers energy from slayed enemies

Summoning - Shrines recharge twice as fast and buffs last 50% longer

Transmutation - You can now turn Steel into any kind of Jewel using Cauldrons.

  • INDUSTRY TREE (Crafting products)

Industry - unlocks Glass, Steel and gives XP for builded structures

Sewing - Unlocks Leather and boosts Sewing Stations by 25%

Smelting - Boosts Forges and Furnaces by 25%

Carpentry - Structures cost 25% less Wood

Masonry - Unlocks Braziers and structures cost 25% less Stone

Machinery - Unlocks Flower Presses

Automation - Unlocks Mining Rods and allows crafted items to be picked instanly

Ballistics - Unlocks Ballistas and allow handheld bows to shoot 3 arrows at one shot

Textils - Unlocks gloves and boots (Starting by the Basic ones)

Jewelery - Unlocks Amulets (starting by the Basic Amulet) and gems sell for 20% more Coins

Physics - Unlocks Power Plants

Engineering - Unlocks Drones, grenades and gives a 25% boost ot all structures

Lasers - Doubles the damage dealt by drones and mining rods

Drilling - Gives a 25% chance to find coal when digging and unlocks offshore drills

Manufacturing - Unlocks Factories and gives a 20% chance of crafting two items at once

Craftsmanship - Unlocks Royal Steel and Cloth

  • FORAGING TREE (mining, farming, fishing and hunting)

Foraging - Allows to find Wheat and Beetroots, and increases the chances to find Cotton


Cooking - Unlocks Cooking pots, Cheese, Milk and Eggs

Fishing - Allows to cook fish and increases by half the speed of the fish traps

Gathering - Gain 4 inventory slots and a 25% XP boost on farming crops

Farming - Unlocks Windmills, Shovels (Starting by the Basic Shovel) and bread.

Agriculture - Allows to put Sprinklers and boost animal and crop productivity by 25%

Voracity - Gain 20% more energy by eating

Glutonny - Gives XP from eating

Calciverous - You can now eat Rocks like normal consumibles

Looting - Enemies drop coins when slayed

Hunting - Unlocks Bows (Starting with the Short Bow), Arrows and Cooked Meat

Mining - Increases finding minerals when mining by 40%

Prospecting - Increases chances to find gems by 15% and chances to find rare items digging by 30%

Geology - All rocks/minerals you break give Coal

Deposit - Unlocks Quarries

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