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Version 1.0.2 | Version 2.0.0

Patch Notes[]

Official patch notes via Steam[1] on April 24, 2019.

Hey Foragers!

We are working on hard on 1.1.0, but in the meantime, we have made a quick patch for anyone who is blocked from playing due to a corrupt save file.

1.1.0 will introduce a new system for writing files that will hopefully mitigate save file corruption, even in the event of a PC shutdown. Thank you so much to those who suggested the various system to address this issue!

Bug Fixes/ Stability[]

  • If a save file is corrupted, the game will now automatically load in a backup, allowing you to play on that file if it is not also corrupted!
  • Corrupted save files will now only display an error if you click on them (which means you can still start the game and play different save files)
  • Corrupted save files will no longer end the game, but will instead take you back to the main menu