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The Winter Biome is comprised of 10 lands to the north of the starting land. Winter Biome lands can be identified by their light blue floors.


Cost: Winter Biome lands cost from 2,400 to 34,200 coins ( 3,000 to 42,750 in Hard Mode)

Picture Land Special Features
Ss Crystal Cave.png Crystal Cave Crystal Cave Dungeon
Ss Frozen Galaxy.png Frozen Galaxy Tower Frozen Galaxy
Ss Crafting Obelisk.png Crafting Obelisk Crafting Obelisk
Ss Fox Man.png Fox Man Fox Man's Quest
Ss Mysterious Princess Statue.png Mysterious Princess Statue Mysterious Princess Statue Puzzle
Ss Magic Stag Land.png Magic Stag Land Magic Stags
Ss Ice Wizrobe Battle.png Ice Wizard Land Ice Wizard Quest
Ss Giant Crystal.png Giant Crystal Mine the giant crystal to earn a Feat
Ss Ghost Friend.png Ghost Island Friendly Ghost Quest
Ss Frozen Chest.png Frozen Chest Land Frozen Chest Puzzle

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